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You’ve had your inspection, but still need further services for your property. Fortunately, we partner with a select group of firms that help you determine the best course of action. We have established relationships with some of the best businesses  in the area.

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Yankee Pest Control

Founded in 1990, Yankee Pest Control boasts decades of professional service attributed to their team’s dedication to customer satisfaction. As a family owned business in Boston’s backyard Yankee Pest Control live, work, and play in the same schools, restaurants, hotels, and neighborhoods as your family.

ASAP Environmental

ASAP Environmental, Inc. has proudly served thousands of residents throughout New England for more than 20 years. We offer certified lead paint and mold inspections for homeowners, business owners, and property owners.

New England Radon

New England Radon, Ltd. is a New Hampshire-based independent water and air testing laboratory founded in 1986 that offers a full range of contaminant testing and radon mitigation services. New England Radon uses state of the art equipment and EPA approved methods.

Fennell Engineering

Fennell Engineering is dedicated to offering the highest quality structural engineering and consulting services. With experience in both structural engineering and building construction, we are able to provide our clients with innovative and economical structural designs that allow projects to be built in the most efficient manner.

LeBrasseur Engineering

In 1992, Arthur LeBrasseur, Professional Engineer, started LeBrasseur Engineering in Newton MA.  He designs, analyzes, evaluates and recommends structures for both residential and commercial buildings.  Arthur’s expert eye for details is evident when he performs structural analysis, design and inspections.

Camilo Environmental Group

Camilo Environmental Group believes that everyone deserves safe, healthy air and clean drinking water. Most of us spend the majority of our lives indoor being constantly exposed to potentially hazardous contaminants, in general your indoor air is significantly more polluted than outdoor air. We have been helping customers like you since 1985 to maintain clean, safe and healthy air and drinking water without the cancer causing and respiratory pollutants.

What Our Customers Say

“I have nothing but glowing things to say about working with Paul and his son Bill.   The father-son team worked the inspection together, with Paul conducting the majority of the inspecting and Bill taking excellent notes, building our impressive inspection report as they walked us through the house.  Both Paul and Bill were engaging and extremely knowledgeable about homes, pointing out issues, explaining them in layman’s terms, and maintaining a very comfortable level of humor with us through the process.  I was expecting the inspection report by the evening, but as we were saying our goodbyes, Bill had informed me that he had just emailed me the report.  When I got home, I pulled up a detailed report with corresponding pictures and arrows drawn to the problem areas being discussed.  I cannot express how satisfied I am with Paul Cornell & Associates.  I would highly, highly recommend this company to anyone who is buying or selling a home.”

Justin Tumeinski

“ Scott Molander completed the home inspection.  He was prompt, professional and made sure we understood all the different components in the our new house.  He went over the house with a fine tooth comb noting and taking pictures of everything which may need service, repair, or completely overhauled prior to the change in ownership.  My father in-law who was a professional home appraiser also felt Scott was excellent – so it was just a “newbie” home owner that Scott impressed with his attention to detail.   He was good at defining what could be a ‘negotiating’ item versus what was a critical repair to either the safety of the home or the occupants (my family/the current owners).  I would completely recommend Scott and Paul Cornell Assoc to someone interested in a trustworthy inspection.  The office manager and staff were also extremely quick to respond to questions and easy to get in touch with. “

Craig Martin

“Arrived early, did inspection of about 2200 sq foot house we had an offer on.  Paul and his son did the job, both very personable and walked me through every little issue.  They were amazingly thorough and answered all my questions.  Received the official report 48 hours later, a pdf file through an email link, it was exhaustive and included suggestions for how to repair and potential options to address the issues.  The inspection was a little discouraging with so many issues they identified but it was helpful as we went through with the purchase and sale ultimately with our eyes wide open as what we had to tackle now and what would need to be addressed in the next few years. Well worth every penny, I would use them again on a home purchase. “

Brian Cummings

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