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Paul Cornell & Associates is one of Eastern Massachusetts’ premier providers of professional building consulting and inspections since 1980.  Specializing in high-end, antique, urban and suburban residential properties, our firm has inspected some of Massachusetts’ most historic estates and exclusive properties.  We also service the Commercial, Mixed-Use and Industrial real estate industry. Having inspected over 35,000 + properties in a span of 4 decades, Paul Cornell & Associates mission is to provide the finest property inspection experience to our clients and stakeholders.

Meet Our Expert Inspectors

Paul Cornell

Paul leads the building inspection industry with over 37 years invested and has inspected over 25,000 properties. Paul was brought into the business by his father who was one of the original founding members of ASHI NE, having started in the inspection business in 1976. Having been raised in an environment immersed in the trades, Paul brings a lifetime accumulation of knowledge to his clients including pest control, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, general systems and construction. With over a decade as an unrestricted licensed construction supervisor and contractor,  Paul has extensive hands on construction background. Paul served on the board of ASHI NE for 2 terms and is currently  Vice President of the NNEC Chapter of ASHI. Paul is committed to best serving his clients, raising the bar and establishing best practices across the industry.

Scott Molander

Having been with Paul Cornell & Associates for over 20 + years, Scott brings a robust background to our team. Outside of his inspection experience, Scott also has roots in pest control and construction. He has inspected over 7000 + properties, and maintains his accreditation with ASHI.

Sandra Cornell

Sandra Cornell is the office manager, scheduling coordinator and Liaison between our clients and the inspectors.  Sandra prides herself on providing outstanding customer service to all of our clients. She can assist with answering questions regarding the inspection process, pricing information, scheduling, and any other assistance that a client may need in going through the inspection process. She is in the office weekdays during regular business hours, but is also available outside of office hours if necessary.  She will take the time to answer any questions you might have and direct you to any other necessary resources that you may need during the inspection phase of buying your home. She is also available after your inspection to assist with any questions, concerns, or direct communications you may have to make with your inspector. Outstanding customer service is our primary goal.

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